an interdimensional experience


A Symbiotic Friendship


That Kal-Drak’s a Swell Guy

Kal-Drak is back in a dimension near you to EXTERMINATE some periplanta thorax! Some say that he basques in the notes of Chopin while he roasts the poor bastards.

Video of Speed Sketch here

Pixelated Flyer Goodness

Who says comic books can’t work as video games?

As a matter of fact, they’re perfect for it! Granted, there’s been a slew of games based on comic book characters that have been terrible, but that’s besides the point.

Moving on…

Check out this sweet box art design Lt. Ryan “Meat Hooks” Hubert did for a little known game featuring our hero, Kal-Drak, on one of his zany adventures!

Nintendo Approved!

Gotta love it!

— Adm. Dr. “Ace”

Goodbye July…

Putting a show together is a wonderful thing.

For the most part, most people never really get to see how an art exhibit is put together. You might think: “Who cares?”


The Challengers of the Unknown are working ’round the clock to create a space that is welcoming for you!

Luckily, our “live appearances” are just the remedy! Those of you in the know can witness the creation of something beautiful every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the GC Gallery.  It’s been a slow buildup, but the show is in full swing now and really putting the pedal to the metal, my friends.

Just check out some sweet art by Lt. Wen-Ju “The Warhammer” C.:

Now with.. SQUIGGLE POWER!!!

Join Us!!!

— Adm. Dr. “Ace”

Look Above! It’s a Fly-By!

Because we know you can’t get enough of them, here’s some more wondrous flyer designs from the crew! These here images come courtesy by way of Lt. Ryan “Meat Hooks” Hubert and Lt. Oliver ” The Squirrel” Perez, respectively.



More flyers and behind-the-scenes stuff should be coming down the pike!

‘Til then brave Challengers!

— Adm. Dr. “Ace”

And it Continues…

For those of you hip to the inter-web, this show is now connected to the Facebook!

It’s all part of a necessary step in the conquest of you, the public’s, admiration.

Pics available on our Facebook page are an image by Lt. Alex “Balboa” Ferrer and Cdr. Eric “The Eradicator” Gonzalez. Here they are, respectively, for good measure:


Get Thrizzled!

If you haven’t passed by to see the humble beginnings of the show yet, your missing out on life! So, join us as we venture through the ifinitum!

We can’t do it without you!

— Adm. Dr. “Ace”

Sneak Peak x 2


Here’s some images of Kal-Drak, the inter-dimensional hopping “tour guide” of the Challengers of the Unknown show, as envisioned by two of the artists.  Again, each of the artist’s art styles within the pieces they produce for the show is a different dimension for Kal-Drak to explore. Kal-Drak is a witness to the multiple possibilities comic books have to offer!

First up:

Lt. Ryan “Meat Hooks” Hubert’s version of Kal-Drak.



Lt. Alex “Balboa” Ferrer’s version of Kal-Drak.

Oh, yeaaah!

— Adm. Dr. Ace

Day 3 Recap

July 9th, 2010

The Challengers trudged through their first slow Friday with spirits low and beaten, but nowhere near broken! Together, the artistic team’s unified perseverance, emblazoned with the fiery aura of the human spirit, culled valiant efforts from all around. Like hell-hounds on the prowl, the artists worked tirelessly at their tables, unaware that the ink they whirled about them in feverish pace was actually marking their territory!



For these artists are kind and gentle beasts, stirred by an inner fire that can only be found in the most passionate of creatures! Approach with caution!

They are voyagers on the endless journey.

Their quest? — To the heart of comic books, themselves. A beloved medium, that is often times disparaged by the fine arts world. With your support, dear public, the Challengers of the Unknown will bridge the gap!

Below, a detail of the kinds of tribulations the Challengers faced Friday, while they worked for our mutual enlightenment!


(Actually, nowhere near as bad. Everyone’s been really cool with us being in the Gallery space, and we can’t thank them enough for their cooperation. Real team effort here! The “carpet shampoo machine” was just cast off to the side while we worked. Heck, we ended up taking off early that day, anyway. This does make us look real cool, though…)

— Adm. Dr. Ace